Prenatal Visits/New Babies

     Prenatal Visits

We accommodate sick children as quickly as possible, and providers reserve slots in their schedules for same day sick visits. That being said, we ask that you call first to schedule an appointment if you would like to come in outside of the walk-in hours of 8-9. Without an appointment, we may not be able to see a sick sibling right away, and you may be asked to wait while the provider sees a scheduled patient.


New Babies

If your baby is delivered at Providence Sibley Memorial Hospital, all you need to do is notify the hospital staff of your choice of doctor at the time of pre-registration or by the time of delivery. We will be notified after your baby is born, and will see your baby in the hospital within 24 hours and daily until time of discharge. If your baby is born at a different hospital, the hospital’s in-house Pediatrician will see you, and we are happy to take over care after discharge. Generally, we recommend patients come in for their first office visit about two days after leaving the hospital.


Regarding insurance: don’t forget to call your insurance company and add your child to your policy as soon as possible. Most insurances will cover a baby under the parents’ insurance until one month after delivery.