Newborn Care

You’ve gone through pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and now you’re ready to go home and begin life with your baby. Once home, though, you might feel like you have no idea what you’re doing!

These tips can help even the most nervous first-time parents feel confident about caring for a newborn in no time.

Getting Help After the Birth

Consider getting help during this time, which can be very hectic and overwhelming. While in the hospital, talk to the experts around you. Many hospitals have feeding specialists or lactation consultants who can help you get started nursing or bottle-feeding. Nurses also are a great resource to s

For in-home help, you might want to hire a baby nurse, postpartum doula, or a responsible neighborhood teen to help you for a short time after birth. Your doctor or the hospital can help you find information about in-home help and might make a referral to home health agencies.

Relatives and friends often want to help too. Even if you disagree on certain things, don’t dismiss their experience. But if you don’t feel up to having guests or you have other concerns, don’t feel guilty about placing restrictions on visitors.

Should your newborn require a bilirubin check (for jaundice), you may find peace in knowing we can check without a prick!  One of the only pediatric practices in the region to have a Transcutaneous bilirubin meter.  Your baby’s comfort and safety is our biggest concern.

Newborn Visits

We would like to see your new baby within 3 days of being discharged from the hospital for a "First Baby Visit." Consistent with recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, we recommend the following well baby care schedule: FIrst Well Baby Visit • 2 weeks • 1 month* 2 months • 4 months • 6 months • 9 months • 12 months • 15 months • 18 months • 2 years *21/2Annual well care exams are recommended every year beginning at age 3.

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